Latest news

Four new Realprojekti centres!

HELSINKI, FINLAND – 1.7.2015 - HyperIn has deployed their services for another four Realprojekti centres. We welcome Dixi, Metropol, MinnaCee and Rajalla to using HyperIn service.

Indoor mobile tracking

HELSINKI, FINLAND – 26.6.2015 - HyperIn has launched indoor mobile tracking to Iso Omena application.

Mobile facelift

HELSINKI, FINLAND – 18.6.2015 - Facelift for all Citycon centres!

Turnover sales reporting

HELSINKI, FINLAND – 30.1.2015 - HyperIn has introduced the option of reporting turnover in addition to sales with VAT

Two new shopping centers

HELSINKI, FINLAND – 15.1.2015 - HyperIn warmly welcomes two new shopping centers that have joined its service

New look and feel

HELSINKI, FINLAND – 28.11.2014 - HyperIn has released a new look and feel to its service!

Three new shopping centers

HELSINKI, FINLAND – 21.11.2014 - HyperIn welcomes three new shopping centers to its service! HyperIn has launched its services with two centers in Estonia and one in Sweden.

Mobile coupons and campaign pages

HELSINKI, FINLAND – 5.10.2014 - HyperIn has released mobile coupons and campaign pages!