Generate more revenue.

Sell all your advertising space inside the mall, such as air time on the screens, or promotional specialty leasing spaces on the floor level. Reach a larger audience with online sales, while also providing easy access to your outdoor media sales partners to boost your revenues.

Here are just few of the things
MONETIZE can do for you.

  • Media Management

    Create any kind of advertisement medium and package it for different campaign options. Insert pictures and requirements for your medium so that your advertisement buyers can accept the terms and conditions while purchasing them online.

  • Reservation Calendar

    Find all your advertisement sales bookings in one place and always up-to-date. Share self-service access with your media buyers so they can fulfil your calendar and revenue targets for new non-rental income.

  • Online Sales Portal

    Sell your advertisements online for the best price. We'll create your own customized media sales portal for your shopping mall or your entire property portfolio. Turn your empty spaces into money.

  • Partner Access

    Manage different outdoor media sales partners to commercialize your properties on your behalf and let them do business directly at your locations to maximize your advertisement earnings.

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hyper[in] is customizable for each location with an affordable monthly subscription and a deployment fee without an lengthy IT-project. We’ll deploy a perfect turn-key solution for your mall amazingly fast also while continuously developing it together.

  • Manage reporting, contacts, numbers and statistics in one place.
  • Sell all your advertising space easier than ever.
  • Drive more footfall and understand your consumers.
  • Get rid of spreadsheets, emails and phone calls to your tenants.

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An integrated tool to administrate all your tenant and consumer information and communication as well as sales reporting, leasing contracts, marketing, footfall and all other key numbers and statistics in just one place.

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Targeting the right consumer traffic with the right type of message on the web, on the location digital signage and on mobile loyalty application gives you a competitive advantage on the market while improving shopping experience.

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