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We offer a suit of solutions for people who manage shopping malls. We provide all the tools for omni-channel communication, collaboration, and integration between shopping mall managers, tenants, and their consumers.

HyperIn was founded in 2008 and is a Red Herring Top 100 Winner in recognition as one of the leading private technology and innovation companies. HyperIn has R&D centers in Finland and Hong Kong with authorized distributors in Europe, North America, Middle East and Asia.

Meet Our Leadership

We take great pride in not only providing successful technology to our customers worldwide, but also in the talent of our people. Our management team represents some of the most experienced industry professionals.

  • Markust Porvari

    Markus Porvari, founder, President and CEO

    A customer-oriented leader focusing on growth, innovation and transformation. Motivating the team with his contagious drive, Markus is also a seasoned speaker at industry events.

  • Annika Vanska

    Annika Vänskä, Director, Customer Sucess

    Annika is responsible for ensuring the overall satisfaction and success of HyperIn’s customers. Her role involves developing and executing customer success strategies to drive customer retention and growth.

  • Timo Arnivuo

    Timo Arnivuo, co-founder, Creative Director

    Timo is passionated about the user experience and design. He is responsible for interfaces and the look and feel of all HyperIn's products.

  • Elina Jaatinen

    Elina Jaatinen, People Happiness Officer

    Elina is dedicated to creating a positive and productive work environment that supports the company's overall business objectives while prioritizing the needs and interests of HyperIn's employees.

  • Hannu Käki

    Hannu Käki, VP, Business Development

    Hannu focuses on driving cross-market sales from prospecting through the development of new relationships and continued growth of HyperIn’s global reach.

  • Jean Carlos Delgado

    Jean Carlos Delgado, Marketing & Brand Director

    JC plays a key role in defining and promoting HyperIn's brand identity and message to the world. He is responsible for overseeing all marketing activities, brand strategy, advertising, and PR.

  • Juha Holopainen

    Juha Holopainen, Lead Quality Engineer

    Juha manages HyperIn's testing processes and is responsible of the company's overall product quality with his team.

  • Mikko Ahtiainen

    Mikko Ahtiainen, partner, CTO

    Mikko leads the development and implementation of our company's technological roadmap, ensuring that our technology remains cutting-edge and aligned with our business goals.

  • Nikolaus Hollige

    Nikolaus Hollige, R&D Manager

    Nikolaus leads our Research & Development team, focusing on innovating and enhancing the technologies that drive our mall management platform. He ensures our solutions are at the forefront of the industry.

  • Petteri Lappalainen

    Petteri Lappalainen, Head of Product Development

    Petteri is responsible of leading the organization in research and development of worldwide products, researching new products and product redesign.

  • Rami Rautkorpi

    Rami Rautkorpi, Chief Architect

    Rami is involved in all of HyperIn's major technology projects and is responsible for developing all aspects of the company's software architecture.

  • Quentin Tsang

    Quentin Tsang, Executive Vice President

    Quentin brings a vast experience of successfully executing strategy and finance in APAC region. Quentin leads HyperIn's operations in Asia.

Meet Our Board Members

  • Alper Celen

    Alper Celen, Advisory Board Member

    Alper's has a strong analyst and problem solving skills in the management consulting. He holds a MBA degree from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and oversees HyperIn's customer and partnership in the Middle East.

  • Juha Etelaniemi

    Juha Eteläniemi, Advisory Board Member

    With over 15 years of experience in several positions and roles in IT, Juha is always developing and challenging himself finding new solutions, technology and processes supporting HyperIn's business operations.

  • Jussi Harvela

    Juhani Harvela, Advisory Board Member

    Juhani (Jussi) has over 25 years of global technology experience in executive positions. From 1993 to 2005 he led Solid Corporation in California. He is a senior advisor in many early stage companies and serves as TactoTek's CEO.

  • Mikael Honkavaara

    Mikael Honkavaara, Advisory Board Member

    Mikael (Micki) has been working as a technology entrepreneur and executive for over 20 years in the international technology business, 16 of which with CEO/MD responsibilities.

  • Moaffak Ahmed

    Moaffak Ahmed, Executive Vice President

    Moaffak brings his experience of working daily with 50+ different nationalities and cultures to the company's strategy and internationalization.

At HyperIn, we're committed to using cutting-edge technology to maximize the potential of your commercial real estate properties. Ready to enhance your property's performance?

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