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Run your day-to-day operations and streamline your workflows.

An integrated tool to administrate all your tenants and consumer information and communication as well as sales reporting, contracts, marketing, footfall and all other key numbers and statistics in just one place.


Connect with your consumers at the right moment, at the right place.

Targeting the right consumer traffic with the right type of message on the web, on the location wayfinding and, on mobile loyalty app gives you a competitive advantage across your retail real estate.


Monetize your specialty leasing and advertisement spaces easily.

Sell all the advertising and promotional spaces of your shopping mall online. Whether on your digital screens, speciality leasing places, voice commercials or websites, you will generate more revenue.


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Why HyperIn?

Choose HyperIn for a seamless integration of cutting-edge technology and personalized service, all in one streamlined solution. Experience the future of efficiency with no hidden fees or complexities.

An all-in-one solution

Manage your numbers, statistics and commercial information all in one place. Offer your tenants self-service tools to collaborate with consumers.

+ Dashboard with KPIs

+ Sales Reporting

+ Tenant Communication

+ Advertisement Tools

+ Mobile Intranet App

Share team inboxes

Maximize your turnover

Revolutionize your mall's advertising opportunities and generate new revenues by selling all available mediums online.

+ Promotion Places

+ Pop-ups

+ Digital & Banners

+ Reservation Calendar

+ Online Sales Portal

Deliver instant answers

Engage with your visitors

Elevate your retail real estate to new heights by connecting with your visitors at the right time and in the right place.

+ Web and Campaign Sites

+ Digital Signage & Wayfinding

+ Mobile Loyalty Apps

+ Footfall Analytics

+ Parking Integration

Manage your team with reports

Increase Efficiency, reduce costs and maximise your performance

Increase Efficiency, reduce costs and maximise your performance