Generate more revenue.

Sell all your advertising space inside the mall, such as air time on the screens, or promotional specialty leasing spaces on the floor level. Reach a larger audience with online sales, while also providing easy access to your outdoor media sales partners to boost your revenues.

Unlock new revenue streams with Monetize: from dynamic media management to streamlined partnerships, each feature is crafted to boost your mall's earning potential.

  • Media Management

    Revolutionize Your Ad Space with Smart Media Management

    Transform how you create, package, and sell advertisement spaces.

    With Monetize, effortlessly design diverse ad mediums tailored to various campaigns, enrich them with vivid imagery and clear specifications, and streamline the purchasing process for buyers with straightforward online terms and conditions.

  • Reservation Calendar

    Maximize Ad Revenue with an Intuitive Reservation Calendar

    Centralize your advertisement bookings with our comprehensive Reservation Calendar, ensuring all sales are up-to-date and easily accessible.

    Empower your media buyers with self-service capabilities, enabling them to seamlessly book ad spaces and contribute to your non-rental income goals.

  • Online Sales Portal

    Transform Empty Spaces into Revenue Streams

    Unlock the full potential of your advertising spaces with our custom Online Sales Portal.

    Whether for a single mall or an entire portfolio, we provide a platform that showcases your offerings to a wider audience, ensuring optimal visibility and profitability.

  • Partner Access

    Maximize Earnings with Strategic Partnerships

    Empower your outdoor media sales partners to directly engage with your properties, streamlining the commercialization process.

    This strategic collaboration not only enhances your property's market presence but also significantly boosts your advertising revenue.

See Monetize in action and let's change your game in commercial real estate management.

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