Target the right audience at the right time

Easy communication with your consumers. Through wayfinding directories, digital signage, shopping mall and campaign web-sites as well as mobile loyalty applications you can now share your essential information. Also, get big data to support your marketing decisions.

Connect leverages omni-channel communication and data analytics to enhance visitor engagement, boost footfall, and build customer loyalty.

  • Content Management

    Empower your digital presence with our integrated Content Management System (CMS)

    Designed for seamless omni-channel publishing.

    Effortlessly update floor maps, and enable tenants to refresh their content in real-time across digital signage, websites, and mobile applications, ensuring a unified and dynamic communication strategy throughout your property.

  • Mobile Loyalty App

    Your Mall's Custom Mobile Loyalty Program

    Introduce a loyalty program that rewards your visitors and supports tenants with digital perks like free parking, QR-code offers, and food court pre-orders.

    Our tailor-made app includes indoor maps for easy navigation and push notifications to engage with your visitors. Discover who your most loyal customers are and make your mall the place to be.

  • Mall and Campaign Websites

    High-Conversion Web solutions for Your Mall

    Choose from our high-conversion, optimized web templates or let us collaborate directly with your marketing teams to craft bespoke websites that reflect your mall's unique brand.

    Benefit from our scalable hosting solutions and straightforward, flat-rate pricing, ensuring your campaigns and digital catalogues shine online, all under one secure, centralized platform.

    HyperIn shopping mall and campaign website development
  • Digital Signage and Wayfinding

    Seamless Navigation & Engaging Displays

    Transform how visitors navigate your space with our intuitive digital directories, ensuring a seamless journey to their desired destinations.

    Enhance your mall's atmosphere and communication strategy with our advanced digital signage solutions. Schedule and manage content effortlessly across your digital displays, enriching the shopping experience with dynamic and timely information.

See Connect in action and let's change your game in commercial real estate management.

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