People Behind the Company

hyper[in] takes great pride not only providing successful technology to its customers worldwide, but also on the talent of its people. The management team of the company represents some of the most experienced business executives and technology professionals in the industry.

Our mission is to provide management and monetization for shopping centers. We want to be the leading service platform for commercial real estate.

Markus Porvari, founder,
President and CEOView Markus Porvari's LinkedIn profile

When in 2008 Markus took to San Francisco for his MBA, the Valley entrepreneurs inspired him to found hyper[in]. Over a decade working with F-Secure Corp. (NASDAQ OMX: FSC) an information security company, he is a decidedly customer-oriented leader focusing on hyper[in]'s growth, innovation and transformation. Motivating crew with his contagious drive, Markus is also a seasoned speaker at industry events.

Juhani Harvela,
Member of Advisory BoardView Juhani Harvela's LinkedIn profile

Juhani (Jussi) has over 20 years of global high technology business experience in various executive positions. From 1993 to 2005 he led Solid Corporation as President and CEO in Cupertino, California. He is a senior advisor in many early stage companies and holds also a board memberships from ControlMatic, Eniram, Profit Software and SSH (NASDAQ OMX: SSH).

Petteri Lappalainen, partner,
Chief Technology OfficerView Petteri Lappalainen's LinkedIn profile

Petteri develops hyper[in]'s technology, bringing to the company a solid grasp of product and service positioning. He has worked in IT for 15 years, the last seven in R&D and senior executive positions at Nokia (NYSE: NOK). Petteri has an MSc from the University of Helsinki, and an MBA from the Haaga-Helia University of Business and Applied Sciences.

Moaffak Ahmed,
Executive Vice PresidentView Moaffak Ahmed's LinkedIn profile

Over two decades of business development experience in Europe, North America and Asia, Moaffak is bringing his daily working experience from 50+ different nationalities and cultures into the company. He's duties include establishing strategic partnerships and presence in new geographical markets and leading the marketing of hyper[in].

Timo Arnivuo, co-founder,
Creative DirectorView Timo Arnivuo's LinkedIn profile

Enthusiastic about the user experience, Timo is responsible for hyper[in]'s interface and look and feel. His combined graphics design and programming talent, honed with 5 years in the Web trenches at Icareus, is a boon in the digital signage application area. A cool hand with any internet technology, Timo holds a BE from the Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences.

Johanna Laamanen,
Vice President, Products & ServicesView Johanna Laamanen's LinkedIn profile

With extensive experience in various product launches and business operations development, Johanna is responsible of hyper[in]'s products and services including global service deployments. She has previously worked for Lionbridge (NASDAQ: LIOX), leading provider of IT localization, development and testing services from April 2002 to January 2007 and holds M.A. from University of Joensuu.

Alper Celen,
Member of Advisory BoardView Alper Celen's LinkedIn profile

Alper's has a strong analyst and problem solving skills from working with McKinsey & Company, a management consulting company and IBM (NYSE: IBM). He holds a MBA degree from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and oversees hyper[in]'s customer and partnership acquirements of strategic importance in the Middle East.

Lawrence Louie,
Member of Advisory BoardView Lawrence Louie's LinkedIn profile

Lawrence (Larry) after 25 years in business works currently as an Assistant Professor in the University of San Francisco (USF) shaping the next generation of corporate management and new entrepreneurs. Well experienced and successful in execution, strategy, and finance with many companies, he is guiding hyper[in]'s operations in North America.